``` Hawaii ```

Hawaii is a nice place to live beacuse there is always good weather. Also, there are many things to do in Hawaii. You can go swimming, hiking, and sight-seeing. Hawaii is surrounded by water. Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It takes about 8 hours to fly toJapan from Honolulu. Many tourists from all over the world come to Hawaii. It is very easy to relax in Hawaii because people are friendlyand the scenery is great. But it is hard to get to Hawaii because it is all by itself, in the middle of the ocean. Also, it is usually more expensive to live in Hawaii, than living on the mainland of America.

``` What to do on the Big Island? ```

If you like the city, than you should go to Honolulu on Oahu. However, if you like nature and outdoor activities you should join us on the Big Island of Hawaii.
You can see the lava flow into the ocean from Kileaua volcano. There are also many hiking trails in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that you can take advantage of.
If you like living in the mountains you can enjoy the cool, crisp, clean air of Waimea.
If you want to go to the beach, Mauna Kea Beach and Hapuna Beach are great places with beautiful ocean, sand, and people. These beaches are on the west coast of the island and are very easy to find. Head over to the City of Refuge near Kealakekua Bay if you like to go snorkeling.You can swim with the fishes and see them swimming around the coral there.
Also worth viewing is the famous Macadamia Nuts that are grown and processed on the Big Island at the Mauna Loa Mac Nut farm. This is just outside of Hilo.
There are also many different foods to eat in Hawaii. You can try Thaifood, Chinese food, Japanese food, Italian food, Mexican food, Korean food,and many more.
You are welcome to come to the Big Island. The people there will be waitingfor you. Dozo. Irashai! Dozo!

This was on a ranch on the Big Island. A ranch is a place where peoplehave cows and horses and sheep. There is a large ranch in Hawaii. Thename is Parker Ranch. It is really big and there are many horses andcows living there. Do you like horses and cows? They are fun to playwith. I am trying to catch fish in this picture. I am not very good but I liketo eat fish. Many people in Hawaii go fishing because we have really goodfish. We even like to eat sashimi and sushi too! Let`s eat! (Itadakimasu!) I am hungry.