When I am not teaching English and biking up hills I really like to play the guitar. Maybe I will play the guitar for you one day. Pleasesing with me. I know you have a beautiful voice. Yes? I also startedto try to play the ukulele. Do you know what a ukulele is? I am stilllearning how to play it so I sound funny. When I play the ukulele you can laugh at me.
I also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and of course surfing. A couple years ago I was thinking about becoming a professional-surfer but I thought I should be a dentist instead. Zan-nen! So I will probably become a Dentist after teaching in Japan.I enjoy playing a lot of sports. My favorite sports are running, tennis, basketball, and of course surfing.
I really enjoy going to the beach and so I am very lucky to live in Hawaii. Lucky me. I also really enjoy traveling and seeing different things. So I came to Kyoto, Japan.

This is a picture of me and my friends playing music and singing ata big Hawaii party. I am playing the guitar in the middle and my friendsare playing the ukulele. I think we sound great! What do you think?
This is a picture of me. I am hiking in Washington. If you look closelyyou can see the waterfalls behind me. The name of the waterfall isPalouse Falls. Also, there is a rainbow behind metoo. Do you like rainbows? Rainbows are cool (sugoi) yeah? This is a picture of me too. I am hiking in Oregon. We are in the mountainsso there is a lot of snow everywhere. It is very cold if you are notmoving. But, if you keep moving and hiking, you can stay warm. Hikingis fun and I hope you enjoy hiking too. If you like hiking maybe you cantry to climb Mt. Fuji! That would be so much fun. Let us go climb Mt. Fuji now.